How Exercising can help you getting taller

Maybe your goal of working out is losing weight or gaining extra pounds,  but working out can be more beneficial than that so learn how working out can help you getting taller
Sports aren’t influencing your body only in muscles and cardio but on the other hand. You can gain more inches or centimeters while you are training,  stretching muscles can be more helpful cause you open up the place for your muscles to gain extra inches and your full body to be more taller.
Running can be more helpful as a natural increase of. Testosterone that give you anything related to man from big sized muscles into tall and manly eyebrows squats are great for that too.
also there is some highly known sports and gain it repetition from making it athletes taller like basketball robe and gymnastics 
that’s my first short article if you like to see more of those in the future let me know in the comment section down there
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How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

How to Gain Weight For Skinny People
How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

Gaining weight can be difficult, more than losing it, may some would related to genetics, but be sure it’s totally wrong , so today I ll share with some of food systems and tips to gain weight as fast as you can , And i want you to  Never trust the myth it’s in your genetics cause any one can lose and gain weight .

Count and change
Willing to gain weight is a will to change so as a gainer you will change and you need to change, so don’t be a feared to change,  and you need to change the ineffective workout you are doing.  And more importantly you eating habits.
On the way of gaining you need to know if you are gaining or not. So first thing to do is countering how many pounds or kilograms you gained.  Or how many calories has been added to your daily nutrition system.
Banas and milk
Bandanas are full of carbohydrates and potassium and can give you instant energy, however that energy if is not consumed your body will stored them as fat that can be transformered later into stamina or protein milk however can be a great companion to bananas or any other bananas kind of fruit
Eggs are known as a great source of protein and fat,  so I don’t have to tell what you need to do with them, but what I like to warn you about is the myth that related to yellow part in eggs most of people remove it cause they say it’s fat but what they don’t know that fat can be converted to muscles by time and that yellow part is rich with omega 3 which is great for your health and weight gaining proces
Potato historically has been a always been considered as a source of energy to work and gain weight, the reason why is they filled with carbohydrates and calories,  so you don’t have to be a genius to make potato especially if you are an Italian

Mango , Butter ,Dried figs
Also can be considered as a great vegan source of calories that can turned later into protein fat and weight
Also meat chicken and fish can give faster results more than. Vegan one

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Top 5 beginner Workout mistakes

start working out might be one of the best decisions you ever had but on the other hand as a beginner there will be a lot of working out sins you will commit while you doing what you supposed to do .
so today i brought you the worst 5 workout mistakes a beginner can do

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1. Working out too long
may some of you think of it as workout myth and other require working too hard for strong body but face the truth you are a beginner you can’t kill yourself and end up like crap to call yourself someone has a killer workout face the truth your body inst prepare for 3 hours or for of training

2. Focusing on one part
Forcing on each body part is something good for your workout routines even in calisthenics but on the other hand you may find yourself working one muscle group more than once a week usually abs and biceps for woman and legs and butt for woman as a beginner working out a muscle group more than once a week can harm that muscles or burn the stamina that hold that muscle group together so its not just risk of burning muscles but the risk of high injuries that will stop from working out a long time

3. Copying someone else’s routine
Routines are something great for a beginner copying others routines might be great but make sure to chose one of your size as i said before maybe your body inst ready enough for that kind of workout or that kind of muscles pressure and may lead to hard injuries and painful corporate tomorrow

4. Not to warm up
some of you might not like to warm up but you don’t like injuries either i know your highly motivated for that routine or workout program you hacked from the internet but face the truth you’ll end up with a overstretch muscle or even a broken arm or a leg

5. Believe Workout Myths
as a beginner you need to much researches before jump in to a gym or workout park or a beach cause you might be end up avoiding a great workout just because you’ve heard it can make you less taller than you are workout myths can really effect your brain and make you less focus on your goal

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Women’s day :Women and Sports

women are related to a lot of fitness myths and sports but face the truth women are a great athletes and better than men sometimes so why would woman will do sports and how effective she would be

historically women are related to beauty and homework but lately woman start to gain more rights and more roles in life such as sports men can’t deny the truth that women’s something are better than men in some sports such as zumba yoga dance sports ect
So women’s are realted to a lot of fitness myths esspeciually about body shape one . so i recommend you to do some reaserches about some fitness women models that workout a lot but in the other hard they had the best woman girly and sexy bodies i ve ever seen

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5 Basic Exercises For Absolute Beginners

5 Basic Exercises For Absolute Beginners
5 Basic Exercises For Absolute Beginners

Being a beginner in workout is sucks for many different reasons . for as a street workout athlete i love working out it is just a part of my life whenever someone asks about exercises i throw many different one on his face it is my hobby :my specialty and thanks to this blog my job . so as usual whenever some asks me about 5 basic exercises to start those ones would be always my answer

1.Knee Push ups

Knee Push ups
Knee Push ups

as a beginner the performance of push ups must be a challenge for you so you must be heard of the beginner version of push ups . knee push ups preformed as knees to the ground shoulders on the same level as hands and press down and press up

2. Negative pull ups

push ups is something you can do as a beginner but pull ups can be the impossible itself , in order to build up the strength that allows you to perform clean pull ups you must be able to do 10 push ups at least and negative pull ups

negative pull ups preformed with jumping to pull ups position and slowly go down to beginningpoint and repeat

3. Negative dips

Negative dips
Negative dips

Dips can be hard too for you  as a beginners in order to build up the strength that allows you to perform clean pull dips do negative dips
negative dips preformed with jumping to dip position and slowly go down to beginning point and repeat

4. Jumping Muscle up

 Muscle up
 Muscle up

Muscle ups are one of the body weight exercises that combine between push and pull , which can be useful for whole upper body muscles preformance of muscle up require time and practice on the main exercises you should do to acheive muscle ups is the jumping muscle ups

jumping muscle ups prefiormed on a lower bar better be dips bar . legs on the ground hand on the bar and jump try to focus more on arms rather than whole presure to legs

5. Knee raises

Abs Are great we all know that . core body need more care than all other muscles usually core come with small muscles opposite to back and arms so knee raises can be good to start

go on a dips bar stand on dips position and start pulling your knee up to your stomach level the advanced version of this exercises is beginning your knee to your chest

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Top 5 Fitness Myths

Top 5 Fitness Myths
Top 5 Fitness Myths

in a world based on science , some people still believe in some myths as the absolute truth . unfortunately some of those people are athletes So today i brought you the top 5 fitness and workout myths I’ve ever heard

1. Crunches And Set Ups Burn Fat  

Crunches And Set Ups Burn Fat
Crunches And Set Ups Burn Fat  
Crunches or sit ups or any other muscle group exercise . has nothing to do with fat actually you DNA is the one who’s responsible for notifying your brain to burn body fat , the role of body fat is to store energy in order to burn it later . so your brain cant see that you living in luxury and dont need that fat anymore the only way to let it know is by working out 

2. Sweating means effective workout

Sweating means effective workout
Sweating means effective workout

one of many sweating roles is to slow down you body temperature in hot weather . as i said before your body cant know what are you doing or what kind of weather around you , so when the muscles heat up your body reaction is to sweat in order to slow it temperature down and . so sweating nothing to do with fat

3. Many reps can give you muscle definition

Many reps can give you muscle definition
Many reps can give you muscle definition

muscles definition is linked to the level of body fat you have , so reps workout on muscles and only burn a low level of body fat which is can’t be so efficient in order to achieve higher muscles definition

4. Can’t Build muscles with body weight exercises

Can't Build muscles with body weight exercises
Can’t Build muscles with body weight exercises

i love gym and weight lifting sport but we have to be honest it’s not the only way on the world to build muscles body weight exercises can be effective as gym or more and the biggest prove on that is gymnastics athletes bigger and high definition muscles and  spectacular strength

5. Cardio is the only way to lose weight

muscles exercises and machines sessions can be effective as the cardio workout so full session of muscles workout can heat your body to the limit that your body start burning fat so its not just about cardio workouts

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