Does Your Sexuality Effects Your Fitness Performance

Does Your Sexuality Effects Your Fitness Performance
Does Your Sexuality Effects Your Fitness Performance 

Finally , I decide to take the heat up and talk about a topic that could make a discussion for everyone . however sexuality is a topic that drag some attention globally  and its not something you may go to your trainer and ask about , is my sexuality effects my performance as a fitness athlete
although i would try to talk about every single issue related to the topic . i don’t think that i will be able to talk about them all so in further questions feel free to put them down in the comment section may this article seem to be so , but its not about gay rights or motivation to their voice to be heard but it is just an answer to a famous question has been asked by both heterosexual ( straight ) and homosexual ( gay / lesbian ) .

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to be honest homosexuals are highly risks to many diseases  according to national conference about sexually transmitted diseases . however that can be avoiding by safe sex and safe sexual behavior and can leave the body normally working . the second risk is risky sexual behavior . violence and sticking some dangerous stuff in other companion body can highly risk you health your body and you performance as an athlete . however by avoiding that you can normally be gay / lesbian and train as straight people .

i was trying to stick to my concept small not boring posts . but i did many researches on this topic and i think i can help you a lot with that . so feel free to take it to the comment section


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