Best video game to lose weight

Best video game to lose weight
Best video game to lose weight

i was invited to my freinds house to play a video game after two hourse of playing a noticed that i was having a lot of fun and i noticed that i’m sweating . however i told myself lets make it proffesional way i weighted myself before and after playing that game and it was itersting  i lost some pounds no need to tell you , and even so i dont have a lot of fat in my body practcing that game helped me with muscles definition isuse just like or better thant cardio

i’m sure 99% of you will know this game some of you may try it and they will agree with me the game is ubisoft just dance

this one makes you do some fitness moves just like paid gyms

while having fun this game make you do a lot of difficult dancing moves for a whole song it’s like sprinting for 5 minutes none stop and the impressive part is all my friends that hate to workout didn’t noticed that they where working out while playing that game . it an motivation itself all you need is to be comparative just like and jump in and play it .

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