How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

How to Gain Weight For Skinny People
How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

Gaining weight can be difficult, more than losing it, may some would related to genetics, but be sure it’s totally wrong , so today I ll share with some of food systems and tips to gain weight as fast as you can , And i want you to  Never trust the myth it’s in your genetics cause any one can lose and gain weight .

Count and change
Willing to gain weight is a will to change so as a gainer you will change and you need to change, so don’t be a feared to change,  and you need to change the ineffective workout you are doing.  And more importantly you eating habits.
On the way of gaining you need to know if you are gaining or not. So first thing to do is countering how many pounds or kilograms you gained.  Or how many calories has been added to your daily nutrition system.
Banas and milk
Bandanas are full of carbohydrates and potassium and can give you instant energy, however that energy if is not consumed your body will stored them as fat that can be transformered later into stamina or protein milk however can be a great companion to bananas or any other bananas kind of fruit
Eggs are known as a great source of protein and fat,  so I don’t have to tell what you need to do with them, but what I like to warn you about is the myth that related to yellow part in eggs most of people remove it cause they say it’s fat but what they don’t know that fat can be converted to muscles by time and that yellow part is rich with omega 3 which is great for your health and weight gaining proces
Potato historically has been a always been considered as a source of energy to work and gain weight, the reason why is they filled with carbohydrates and calories,  so you don’t have to be a genius to make potato especially if you are an Italian

Mango , Butter ,Dried figs
Also can be considered as a great vegan source of calories that can turned later into protein fat and weight
Also meat chicken and fish can give faster results more than. Vegan one

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