Top 5 beginner Workout mistakes

start working out might be one of the best decisions you ever had but on the other hand as a beginner there will be a lot of working out sins you will commit while you doing what you supposed to do .
so today i brought you the worst 5 workout mistakes a beginner can do

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1. Working out too long
may some of you think of it as workout myth and other require working too hard for strong body but face the truth you are a beginner you can’t kill yourself and end up like crap to call yourself someone has a killer workout face the truth your body inst prepare for 3 hours or for of training

2. Focusing on one part
Forcing on each body part is something good for your workout routines even in calisthenics but on the other hand you may find yourself working one muscle group more than once a week usually abs and biceps for woman and legs and butt for woman as a beginner working out a muscle group more than once a week can harm that muscles or burn the stamina that hold that muscle group together so its not just risk of burning muscles but the risk of high injuries that will stop from working out a long time

3. Copying someone else’s routine
Routines are something great for a beginner copying others routines might be great but make sure to chose one of your size as i said before maybe your body inst ready enough for that kind of workout or that kind of muscles pressure and may lead to hard injuries and painful corporate tomorrow

4. Not to warm up
some of you might not like to warm up but you don’t like injuries either i know your highly motivated for that routine or workout program you hacked from the internet but face the truth you’ll end up with a overstretch muscle or even a broken arm or a leg

5. Believe Workout Myths
as a beginner you need to much researches before jump in to a gym or workout park or a beach cause you might be end up avoiding a great workout just because you’ve heard it can make you less taller than you are workout myths can really effect your brain and make you less focus on your goal

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