Genetics stand between you and your physical Goal ?

Genetics stand between you and your physical Goal ?
Genetics stand between you and your physical Goal ?

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We all have 23 pairs of chromosomes that identify us as human, and within those chromosomes are tiny ones that makes each one of us unique, however the biggest question is are this tiny ones effect our body enough to stop us having bigger bodies or studded bodies
a highly known celebrity of of being powerful because of his genetics , Arnold Schwarzenegger his entire carrier never talks about his genetics , almost every speech his gives about his carrier as a bodybuilder he talks how much hard working he did and how long he spend in gym while others having fun and partying , it inst about your genetics its about the time you give

second cause is that your giving yourself unconsciously an excuse , let pretend your a cheater you always skip meals or over eating something unhealthy your obviously having no results but the last you thought about is the mistakes that you have been doing and blame the things that you have no control on for example Genetics

and i want you always to make sure inst about genetics or how your body works its all about the deduction you gives and how much time you sacrifice to achieve your goals whatever they are 

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Top 5 abs exercises ( beginner)

working on abs can be challenging however if you took it slow step by step and stocked to a progression you can see so;e results in the very soon future , according to Wikipedia The rectums abdominal muscle, also known as the “abdominal” or “abs”, is a paired muscle running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen, as well as that of some other mammals. There are two parallel muscles, separated by a mid line band of connective tissue called the lines Alba.
also abs considered to be a sign of sexiness most of sexy men have great abs also for woman abs may considered also of sexiness and hardworking

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1. Crunches


Such a basic abs exercises most of you may know it it’s an easy way to boos your abs power in order to next level exercises later

2. One Leg Crunches

One Leg Crunches

the same exercises but with the performance of each leg in a row which gives more weight and more difficulty ingresses

3. knee Raises

preform on a parallel bar with pulling both knees to your stomach each row

4. Bar knee Raises

preform on a bar bar with pulling both knees to your stomach each row

5. leg raises

same as knee raises but with full leg extended you can try an advanced version of this exercise by pulling your leg all the way to the bar

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Is Males genetically Better than females in sports

Is Males genetically Better than females in sports
Is Males genetically Better than females in sports

male and female in sports had been related to many myths about one can be more powerful than other however sports in general is not about gender or sexuality . although  the body deference between the two gendered each one of them can do sports . especially muscles sports cause it been considered as females body changer . however today will discus those ideas and myths

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any of them can do sports . however girls may find them self losing their femininity. this is totally wrong in the opposite training can be a great tool to increase femininity for woman . however males may prefers some type of sports and females may prefers some type of sports . although the preferences differences they may find them selves on the same sports maybe in the cause of a personal  preferences .

male advantage in some sports that require brutality and physical power such as american football and rugby wrestling mixed marshal arts boxing however male preferences doesn’t mean that  those sports aren’t admired by females or practiced in most of the time

female advantage in some sports that require flexibility such as yoga some dance sports gymnastics this however like male advantages doesn’t mean that those sports aren’t admirable and practicable by males  

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Does Your Sexuality Effects Your Fitness Performance

Does Your Sexuality Effects Your Fitness Performance
Does Your Sexuality Effects Your Fitness Performance 

Finally , I decide to take the heat up and talk about a topic that could make a discussion for everyone . however sexuality is a topic that drag some attention globally  and its not something you may go to your trainer and ask about , is my sexuality effects my performance as a fitness athlete
although i would try to talk about every single issue related to the topic . i don’t think that i will be able to talk about them all so in further questions feel free to put them down in the comment section may this article seem to be so , but its not about gay rights or motivation to their voice to be heard but it is just an answer to a famous question has been asked by both heterosexual ( straight ) and homosexual ( gay / lesbian ) .

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to be honest homosexuals are highly risks to many diseases  according to national conference about sexually transmitted diseases . however that can be avoiding by safe sex and safe sexual behavior and can leave the body normally working . the second risk is risky sexual behavior . violence and sticking some dangerous stuff in other companion body can highly risk you health your body and you performance as an athlete . however by avoiding that you can normally be gay / lesbian and train as straight people .

i was trying to stick to my concept small not boring posts . but i did many researches on this topic and i think i can help you a lot with that . so feel free to take it to the comment section


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5 golden tips for fitness and workout

 the decision will start working out it’s all good be challenging sometimes soul a beginner need some time ok couple of tips to start working out the right way
The pain after workout

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The pain. You feel after workout is being produced by the tiny muscles in your body however that pain isn’t real or a sign of failure is a natural process that muscles takes In order to become stronger , after time and more workout you will start feeling less Pain which mean you got stronger
Do your job and let the time do his job
Sometimes you wouldn’t touch any progression ,it’s totally normal your body take time to change Just keep training with confidence and keep your goal between your eyes and never give up never lose hope and the future will be much better for a hard worker
Find company
Working out In a theme of Six of four persons can be highly productive , those four or six persons working the same programme gives enough time to rest and keeps highly motivated .
What’s training can’t give you
Food and nutrition systems are very very important , if you train hard but you eat bad results would be so so late that’s if they didn’t appear so keep in mind that food systems and nutrition can be highly important beside you work out
The second thing is to be focused on your workouts and your routine to program if you don’t have a programme then you will face a lot of trouble deciding which exercise to do
Take your time while resting
Now you think over resting is a bad thing I totally agree with you but in the other hand your body requires time to repair and to get back work effectively

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Top 5 Calisthenics exercises for size

One of the most concerns all many is does this in a system street woke up gifts your size however today i’ll share with you top 5 calisthenics exercises for size
Wide Pull-Ups

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Back is an important part of a man body so in order to have a bigger back what wide pull ups be the perfect just ice with that targets center back and dorsal make sure to look bigger if you are doing this exercise every day
Legs consider is 1 of the biggest muscle in body also working on squats increase your testosterone and give you the ability to have bigger muscles running can give you the same effect as squats exercise but less results then squats itself
Press work out that targets mostly all your upper body muscles a_t_&_t considered as 1 of the top 5 exercise to give you size
dips considered as the main calisthenics exercise for triceps and front shoulders and interesting of the chest
Diamond push-ups
If you are looking for size chest muscles must be one of your goals in order to have a shaded chest diamond pushups can be a great solution for you
Close grip Chin ups
Finally we we will talk about the biceps even if 70 percent of the arm size is taken by the triceps biceps still considered as 1 of the beautiful muscle in man body soul glo right chin ups don’t be considered of the main calisthenics exercise for working on the biceps

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Which Muscles does Push ups Targets

Everyone do push ups . but you need to know which muscles that exercise work on push ups is a calisthenics exercises that targeted a many muscle groups and can extended on which type of push up you are doing

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The rectums abdominal and transverses abdominal contract continually while performing push-ups to hold the body off the floor and keep the legs and torso aligned. The rectums abdominal spans the front of the abdomen and is the most prominent of the abdominal muscles. The transverses abdominal lies deep within the abdomen, wrapping around the entire abdominal area. Both muscles compress the abdomen, and the rectums abdominal also flexes the spine forward, although it does not execute this function when performing push-ups.
While doing push ups you must fill the drag that happens between your body and earth gravity that kind of drag make your body core muscles do the hard job so even while pushing up or just standing on push ups position or just planking anyway your body drag works on your abs

The anterior portion of the Deloitte muscle is one of the major shoulder-joint horizontal abductors, moving the upper arms toward the chest during the upward phase of a push-up. It also helps control the speed of movement during the downward phase. The Deloitte attaches to parts of the clavicle and scapula, just above the shoulder joint on one end, and to the outside of the humerus bone on the other. Along with horizontal addiction, the anterior Deloitte assists with flexion and internal rotation of the humerus within the shoulder socket.
Beside Chest Muscles the Deloitte is the muscle that you will feel the most

Chest Muscles
The push-up requires many muscle groups, but the primary muscle groups are the chest muscles, the pectorals major and minor. These are the two large chest muscles and mainly the pushing muscle group of the upper body. When pushing and lowering the body during a push up, the pectorals major is doing most of the work. As a result, these muscles become very strong and can become defined lean muscle after doing push-ups regularly.
in audition to all muscles push up can be consider the standard chest calisthenics exercise

Stabilizers include wrist and forearm muscles, the knee extensors, and the hip/spine floors which all work isometrically to maintain a proper plank position in the standard prone push-up.

During the push-up exercise, the short head of the biceps brachii muscle acts as a dynamic stabilizer. This means the muscle activates at both ends—the elbow and the shoulder—to help stabilize the joints.

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Best video game to lose weight

Best video game to lose weight
Best video game to lose weight

i was invited to my freinds house to play a video game after two hourse of playing a noticed that i was having a lot of fun and i noticed that i’m sweating . however i told myself lets make it proffesional way i weighted myself before and after playing that game and it was itersting  i lost some pounds no need to tell you , and even so i dont have a lot of fat in my body practcing that game helped me with muscles definition isuse just like or better thant cardio

i’m sure 99% of you will know this game some of you may try it and they will agree with me the game is ubisoft just dance

this one makes you do some fitness moves just like paid gyms

while having fun this game make you do a lot of difficult dancing moves for a whole song it’s like sprinting for 5 minutes none stop and the impressive part is all my friends that hate to workout didn’t noticed that they where working out while playing that game . it an motivation itself all you need is to be comparative just like and jump in and play it .

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Find Your Inner Motivation to Lose Weight

Find your inner motivation to lose weight

one the challenging things while trying lose weight is the fact that you Still finding working out kind of hard when you have to leave the warm house to go outside and do it so here some simple tips and tricks to find your inner motivation to make yourself workout

Back then when I was working as personal trainer I always try to motivate my clients but the successful ones had that thing that make them special , they knew how to motivate themselves so here is simple tips and tricks I use to do to stay motivated.
Find a reason
Like your crush you want to embrace with your new body or the ones who said you can’t make it those reasons can make you highly motivated and ready for it
Video and life stories
I always belived in if he can do it I can , so sometimes you need to know those stories in order to keep the motivation between you and yourself going ( I can do it )
Videos in the other hand can burn your adrenaline mostly I watched them before working out
Prove them wrong
Just the desire of proving that all the one who won’t believing in you wrong it can be a great motivation

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Things to do when you reach you goal weight

things to do when you reach your goal weight
lose weight one of the challenges that it is rough to go throw but the greatest part is that you did it so in audition to your achievement what are the things you need to do to keep up with your new body and stay healthy and save from anything can take you back where you came from 

Keep training
Your body changed yes you’re right, but it can change again for sure so less training gonna influence your body again and get back it flatness again
Don’t stop diet yet
Stopping your diet system gonna make you lose your power of will to start eating healthy so try to stick to those healthy food systems but I want you to know that you’re not the only who cheating once on wild. Professional do so too
Do some kind of sport
After losing weight a whole new stuff you will be able to do you couldn’t before,  so make sure to use that as a good thing to you to become more healthy and more powerful
Try to gain weight
Don’t get me wrong gaining weight is good muscles can make heavier than you use to with Fat so eating more clean calories and clean proteins food can take to a new level
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